Nusa Penida Travel Guide

Nusa Penida is located in the southeast of Bali. From Bali, one can easily reach Nusa Penida through a multitude of channels available. It is going to be a hotspot for tourists in the coming years because of the ease of access. 

However, many wealthy people are seeking new grounds at Nusa Penida. Yes! Smart business people and investors have started to tap into the Nusa Penida real estate. Because they feel that their money deserves to be spent on properties that stand well. Like Bali property management and market, buying properties in Nusa Penida is worth the shot. 

If you are into international real estate, Nusa Penida is your ultimate spot for investment and purchase. In the coming decades, it is highly expected to become an investment hub for the global community of investors in real estate. That is why; this is the right time to take a chance and spend your fortune at the right place, in the right manner. 

One of the biggest concerns related to Nusa Penida, for investors, is accessibility. Let us tell you; you can easily reach Nusa Penida through several options available.  

This guide will shun away all your concerns related to transportation and accessibility to Nusa Penida. Here, we will round off all the available means of transportation and accessibility to Nusa Penida from various locations. This will provide you with clarity. Moreover, it will enable you to make an informed decision related to buying property in Nusa Penida Bali, Indonesia. Besides that, we will talk more about Nusa Penida. 

First, we would like to share some key points that you need to know while we discuss accessibility to Nusa Penida. 

 Atuh Beach

Nusa Penida day tours.

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Kelingking Beach

What to do and see in Nusa Penida

Destinations of Nusa Penida are:

Diamond Beach

Nusa Penida Diving Locations

Nusa Penida has a lot of diving locations, such as Penida Bay, Batu Lumbung, Batu Abah, Toya Pakeh, and Malibu Point. The flow in the Lombok Strait is overall south-tending, although the strength and direction of the tidal streams are influenced by the monsoon seasons.

During the southeast monsoon, the tidal flow tends south, while during the northeast monsoon, the tidal flow tends north.

The pattern in the strait north of Nusa Penida is relatively simple. At low tide the flow, at its peak, can be about three-and-a-half knots.

Badung Strait is semi-diurnal and the characteristics of the flow are complicated because its direction runs obliquely to the general south to north direction of Lombok Strait, and the channel is shaped like a curved figure.

Based on survey in 2009, there were about 1,400 hectares coral sites with 67 percent covered the sites in 3 meters depth and 75 percent covered the sites in 10 metres depth.

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Nusa Penida Broken Beach

Where to stay in Nusa Penida?

Whether you are considering Nusa Penida for its great beaches or stunning scenery, there is no right or wrong area to stay in Nusa Penida but you’ll want to consider the things that you wish to do on the island and base yourself in that area.

Most people choose to come to Nusa Penida for a full week or longer as they are interested in exploring the entire island. As such, they need to choose which part of the island is their favorite.

Highly rated hotels and rooms for rent available in Nusa Penida.  There are also villas and entire hotels available in Nusa Penida for people traveling as a large group or prefer more luxury.

Essential Points that you need to know! 

The very first point you should know is that Bali is quite a big island. You can access Nusa Penida from various locations in Bali. However, almost all transit routes leave from Sanur. Sanur is located on the southeast side of Bali. One can also leave from Padang Bai in Bali.  There are also several travel options from Benoa Bay to travel to Nusa Penida. If you opt for Sanur, you can get to it in 45 minutes from Seminyak and in 35 minutes from Kuta and about 40 minutes from the airport. Please note that the duration of these periods can vary. Most often, you can take pickup vans to reach these locations. 

From Sanur, the only means of traveling to Nusa Penida is through a ferry or a boat. Here at Sanur, there is a port located. The best thing is that you can avail yourself of the ultimate ease in terms of ticketing. Let us tell you how. You can easily book your tickets beforehand. All you need to do is connect with the port a day or two before your trip.

Just make a call to the port, and you will be able to book a ticket at affordable rates. Here, you will find the best and most luxurious ferries and boats. In this way, you can get to Nusa Penida in style. The boats will carry you on the serene waters to one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. If you could not book in advance, there is still a way out. You can get a ticket on the spot at the port as well.  

How to get to Nusa Penida from Sanur?

Now, Sanur is the best location to go to Nusa Penida. Because, first, it lies in the same direction as the Nusa Penida. Secondly, you will find a wide range of options available to reach your best destination. 

From Sanur, ferries leave for Nusa Penida at regular intervals and very frequently. That means you can just simply go and get into a ferry going to Nusa Penida. You can instantly get a ticket right at the spot. 

However, if you like your trip to be effortless, you can design a better experience for yourself. How? It is very simple. You can make a booking before your trip. Moreover, a dedicated van will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the port. You can stay in Seminyak, Ubud, Kutta, or even Canggu; you will be picked up. There are many services available that are all set to give you a first-class experience.

Moreover, the services make sure you are treated well when you arrive at Nusa Penida. Boat services at Sanur operate round the week. That means the schedules are quite flexible. No need to rush. This makes Sanur ideal to go to Nusa Penida. In addition, it indicates that transportation and accessibility are not a problem at all. You can make a plan anytime, and an iconic ferry will be waiting for you.  Some example boat companies that have been in operation for a long time are idola express and maruti express.

What makes it even more special is that you can easily find accommodation at the Sanur Port. It is a beautiful spot as well. You will find some of the best eateries at Sanur. 

When you arrive at the port, you will come across various desks. All the desks will belong to several companies and services for transportation. Simply go to the desk of your service. After that, they will tag your luggage and give you laminated cards. Further, the staff will escort you to an opulent ferry. You will be given the best treatment. The staff will manage your luggage. In the period of 30-45 minutes, you will arrive at the Nusa Penida Pier. Again, the staff will receive you. 

Nusa Penida Kelingking Beach

Traveling from Padang Bai to Nusa Penida 

Now, first, you have the option to catch a ferry from Sampalan. From Sampalan at Padang Bai, you can catch a public ferry that travels in the afternoon. This is a quite affordable option for you to consider.   Padang Bai offers the cheapest boat ticket prices from Bali to Nusa Penida.  It also allows you to bring your car from Bali to Nusa Penida.


Leaving from the Benoa Harbor to Nusa Penida

Located near to the Bali Internetaional Aiport is Benoa Bay.  From Benoa Bay you can charter a private boat or yacht in bali from Bali yacht Services  .  There is also a helicopter service to take you from Bali to penida from AirBali .  Most Bali luxury hotels offer helipads so you can venture directly from your hotel in Bali to Nusa Penida.

You can reach Nusa Penida through these top locations. Please make sure to opt for ease and comfort. It is your vacation! You deserve to have a great experience. Moreover, the trips to Nusa Penida are totally worth spending a good amount. You will leave with great memories to cherish for your life.