Suwehan Beach Nusa Penida

Suwehan Beach Nusa Penida Bali

It's a lovely beach, but not for swimming. It's one of the nicest beaches on Nusa Penida.

Not for a while, as it will soon become too expensive to keep up with its pace.

Suwehan is still one of my favorite beaches in Nusa Penida!

Suwehan Beach is one of those very beautiful beaches of Nusa Penida Island which remains quite wild.

To get to the beach, it will take you about twenty minutes.

It is very close to Atuh Beach, and combining a visit to both beaches might be a good idea.

It’s one of the best places to relax on Nusa Penida.


What is the best time to go to Suwehan Beach?

It is best to arrive before noon.

Because the beach faces east and is right down an impressive cliff.

Suwehan Beach is in the shadow of the cliff.

Taking a swimming lesson before a vacation will ensure that your trip will be fun and relaxing.

If you’re going to take the family to the beach during the high-tide period, go early. 

So you want to visit the rocky islands in a bay, but no way to get a photo of the rock in the middle of the bay.

Take the time to put your backpack back correctly. If you're not careful, a wave may even reach inside your backpack and fill it completely with water. 


The Path to Suwehan Beach

You can see the incredible scenery when hiking down to the beach at Suwehan.

In the bottom of the stairs there is a first overview of the beach.

In the distance you will see the rock that is in front of Atuh Beach.

But to see the stunning view of the big rock sitting in the middle of the bay, you’ll need to go to the other end of the

That's why it is better to avoid high tides, because you may not be able to reach the beach before this rock.

That's not all: At low tide, you'll have a beach all to yourself. No one will have to share it with you.

You have 400 steps to go up from the beach to the temple where you left your motorbike.



How to get to Suwehan Beach

Suwehan Beach is in Nusa Penida, and the main road through the island is new. So it is pretty easy to go there.

The road on the northern half of Nusa Penida Island has recently been paved.

Count one hour driving, 45 minutes on a road that’s been renovated, and fifteen minutes on a road that has not.

The best way to get there is to use the online map and to follow the directions.

You must visit Suwehan Beach on your next adventure at Nusa Penida. Check the itinerary before you go, and learn how to drive safely in Nusa Penida.  You can visit Diamond Beach, Atuh Beach, and Suwehan Beach during the same day.

There are many ideas of tours on Nusa Penida island, check here some of them.

This last portion of the road was supposed to be totally renovated in 2020, but that renovation was put on hold because of the covid-19 pandemic

In October of 2020 there were still around one kilometer of road that was in bad condition.


What to do in Nusa Penida

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