How to find the right property in Bali?

Bali is an incredibly hot investment locale, and it quickly became the place to be for many international investors. There are a plethora of Bali real estate properties that have become incredibly profitable, with Nusa Penida real estate being a prime example. But how can you find the right investment property in Bali? What should you be looking for? With that in mind, here are the things to consider when you’re investing in a Bali property.

Find the right location

Yes, location matters, so when you learn how to buy property in Bali Indonesia, this is a crucial aspect to focus on. Just think about it, if you were a buyer, would you purchase this property, is it easy to reach, is it close to the most important destinations or amenities? These things really matter, and they can influence the resale value of your property.

Perform a property inspection

Hiring a property inspector is a great idea here because you can easily identify if there are any repairs to be made or not. Understanding that can help you save quite a bit of time and money. After all, some properties can have hidden costs, and that’s what you want to avoid.

Understand the property ownership structures in Bali

The reason why this matters is that you want to know how much money you need to pay in order to handle the legal aspect. There are some additional costs related to buying land in Bali as a foreigner, same with buying a property. Having legal assistance can actually be great in a situation like this.

Is the property size enough for you?

Whether you are buying a property in Bali for yourself or as an investment, the property size does matter. Ideally you want to buy a large property, because you can never have too much space. That’s especially true if you want to rent the place or just invest in it and resell in the future. 

Building materials

The building materials are also important, because you want to ensure the overall building structure is in good condition, same with plumbing and electricity. These things might not seem like much, but they always have an influence on the overall price of the building.

Hire a good notary public

The main thing here is you want to be sure the property has no legal issues. The notary public can help you figure out if there are any issues with the property certificate. As we mentioned above, hiring a legal professional can help you ensure all this stuff is managed beforehand. Still, it makes sense to study the market and hire a great notary, just to be safe.


Finding the right property in Bali takes a bit of time, since you need to study the market and also perform some inspections. But at the end of the day, buying land in Bali or any home is a great investment, and it does pay off big time. The property market is constantly expanding and growing, and you will find yourself with a great profit margin once you start investing! Why Invest with us?

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