Goa Giri Putri

Goa Giri Putri Nusa Penida Bali Indonesia

Goa Giri Putri temple is the most visited temple of Nusa Penida. Be careful not to miss the secret entrance because it is pretty narrow. And you will then enter into a huge cave, very impressive.

Goa Giri Putri, a place of pilgrimage for the Balinese

The temple of Goa Giri Putri is located in an impressive cave.

As for Nusa Penida, it is indeed the biggest cave of the island. Many Balinese go there to follow the full purification process including five stations, in addition to the initial ceremony before entering the cave.

The holy water flowing from the spring in Goa Giri Putri Temple in Bali is sacred to the Balinese, so many come there to get it.

A person suffering from cancer can have a positive impact on his / her life by donating blood. This will keep him / her alive and let the doctors treat him / her.

They'll probably all come back to Bali because of the reputation of the island.

Goa Giri Putri Temple is one of the 15 places to visit in Nusa Penida.


The Trimurti bracelet

The last ceremony at the last temple of the cave is very exciting but make sure you don't miss the last ceremony.

It is open to tourists. Some priests take naps, but they don't ever refuse a wedding ceremony.

There are actually two ceremonies because the temple is mixed, Hindu and Buddhist.

The Hindu ceremony ends with the priest tying a red, white and black (or other color) bracelet around your wrist.

This bracelet has three red, white and black cords representing the three gods of the Trimurti : Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

You will need to drink three times the holy water you have poured over your hands.

You will take a few grains of rice that you will put on your forehead.

During your purification and meditation, the priest will bring you through a purification and meditation.

Don't be worried, it's very brief. He'll also mark you with some ash on your forehead.

This temple is dedicated to the Chinese Buddhist Goddess of Compassion, Guanyin.

After the ceremony you'll probably want to go for a walk. Then you can exit the cave from the other end.

What to do in Nusa Penida

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