Peguyangan Waterfall

Peguyangan Waterfall Nusa Penida Bali Indonesia

On the southeast coast of Nusa Penida, Peguyangan Waterfall sits at the bottom of some pretty epic cliffs. It’s one of the less publicized things to do on Nusa Penida but one of my personal favorite. An iconic blue stairway leads you down a cliffside pathway to a sacred water temple, a pilgrimage site for locals.


Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Penida

Peguyangan Waterfall is my favorite spot on Nusa Penida. It’s got great scenery, a mix of activities, and is fun for people of all ages.

You can run up and down those steep blue stairs, or climb up and down them. But don’t forget to take in those spectacular views of the ocean.

Waterfall Temple is an awesome place to visit for the whole family.

There's only one Warung at the top of the stairs in the parking lot.

It was only 10,000 IDR for a pack of noodles with a small amount of chicken and sauce.

The point is, you can buy drinks, snacks, and even a Mie Goreng before or after your hike.

Parking fee and required dress code for Peguyangan Waterfall

The parking lot has a 5000 rupee entry fee, and then you need to hire a sarong from the parking lot attendant.

The necessity of the sarong for tourists is up in the air as some had it on, some didn't, and the locals were showering in underwear at the bottom but for 10,000 rupiahs you just kind of take the sarong and move on with your day

The hike down takes about 10 minutes, and leads you down to the holy place.

I've been to one of the local temples and spoke to one of the locals who was going through his ritual.

There are three spouts. In order, they must shower beneath each and then use the fourth main spout to finish.

This is how they wash their bodies to prepare them for prayer.

Peguyangan Waterfall Pools

Shrines and trinkets are spread throughout this sacred site, eventually leading you down to cascading pools.

If you look closely at these pools, you will see that they're filled with very pure water, they look just like bottled water,

The rock pools are tiered down until they eventually flow out into the ocean.

There are a lot of different things to do in this area and it's really beautiful.

The ceremony was taking place, and the people were lined up on the ground, kneeling.

The walk back up the stairs was a lot of effort, especially after a long morning of work.

After a challenging adventure on Nusa Penida we felt the need to shower away all that sweat and grime before continuing on our journey


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