Tembeling Beach

Tembeling Beach and Forest Nusa Penida Bali Indonesia

Tembeling Beach is a hidden little bay at the end of a crazy motorbike ride through the woods.

You'll pass by the Tembeling natural pools along the way.

If you want a little bit of a different vacation experience and are looking for adventure, you may want to consider heading to Tembeling Beach.

Whether you're walking or riding your bike to the parking lot, you'll make your way there.

Park your car on this street so you don't have to climb any stairs to get to the house.

From here it is a five-minute walk down to the beach.

However, on your way, you can turn off to the right and take a quick look into the forest on your right hand side.

Follow the steps and you won't get lost.

You'll start in Tembeling Natural Pools, head to Tembeling Beach, and end your journey at the ocean.


You've reached the right road. Make sure to stop at the forest on the right.

Go slow as the road is very steep.

I had no idea that there were things like this on Nusa Penida.

It sounds like a great idea to me but I can’t picture myself on the road when it is wet.


After checking out the Tembeling Forest, you can head down the spiral staircase towards the Tembeling Natural Pools.

One of the big problems is that many people think that you’re only going to buy one or a few things.

The water in this cove is clear, but it's strange that the rocks and cliffs are so colorful!

There are several traditional statues and fountains decorating this spot, which are used for water rituals.

You are able to swim here although the women are meant to swim in the second pool traditionally.


If you keep going down, you’ll end up at Tembeling Beach.

Although the resort is nothing too crazy, especially for Nusa Penida’s lofty standards.

It’s difficult to swim in the ocean near Tembeling Beach. 

Stay safe, watch the currents and avoid swimming at a lake or ocean where there's a strong undertow or riptide.


You can go right at the bottom of the natural pools and you’ll find a little cave.

Here there are hundreds of rocks which have been carefully balanced on top of each other.

Carefully walking along the beach so you don't knock any of the rock towers over, you will eventually reach Secret Beach.

Watch the waves come crashing in towards the shore, which is surrounded by huge cliffs.

They look like a wall because of their shape and how smoothly they are constructed.

It’s well worth taking a look once you get down there.

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