Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay Nusa Penida Bali Indonesia

The little sister of Crystal Bay is Gamat Bay, on the island of Nusa Penida, in a wilder version.

It's like an aquarium, but with currents. Gamat Bay is one of Nusa Penida's great sites, but it is not as easily accessible as Crystal Bay

You can get to the top of the hill by road.

Then you'll follow a path that is fairly easy to follow.

Gamea is also a lot wilder. This means you will likely not see anyone at the beach down there.

I was so excited about my first visit to the aquarium, but in the morning they only offer snorkel and dive boats, which doesn't give you much time for the aquarium

Snorkeling at Gamat Bay

If you want to snorkel at Gamat Bay beach, there are many places you can rent equipment. You might also want to bring your own equipment, since the road leads to a scenic area.

Do not forget to wear fins because the current can be very strong in Nusa Penida island.

Beach volleyball is a sport that combines many sports such as: swimming, running, climbing, and tennis. It is played by 2 teams and the two teams must have a captain and a coach, each of whom must wear a whistle.

The snorkeling tour that leaves from Toyapakeh or from Crystal Bay will usually also take you to Gamat Bay.

In this case you will normally be well-supervised.

It’s great to see Manta Rays in action, especially since they are very docile animals. They usually don’t bite humans, but will try to avoid you if you approach them.

Scuba Diving

One of the most beautiful scuba diving spots in Nusa Penida is Gamat Bay.

Because the bay is a plateau about eight meters deep, with a lot of colorful fish and coral.

You will often see turtles there as well. It's therefore a good place to make a discovery dive when conditions are good.

It’s best to wait until the current is strong enough before entering the water.

There's a wall that goes down to the bottom of the bay at the exit of the bay and it's 40 meters deep.

Make sure you don't dive alone or dive in areas where there's dangers.

What to do in Nusa Penida

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